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Botting on mains for short periods of time

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How safe it is to swap to the bot client to bot annoying things just for very short periods of time, maybe 20 minutes or up to an hour during classes or work, and only legit play for the rest of the day? I know botting is always dangerous, and I think the most dangerous part would be swapping clients so often.

Should it simply not be done? And also, if attempting to make a new main via legit play and botting, should you always use the bot client or is it safer to spend most the time on a legit client like runelite, or the crappy official client?

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It really depends on the botting activity. I still bot frequently on my main and it's over 2000 total level. That being said all it takes is one botting session for them to pick up on you and ban you. I've had plenty of other accounts bot for a very short period of time and get banned. That being said some people get luckier than others.

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If you are not willing to lose your account do not bot on it. It's very simple. 

20 minutes a day or a week or a month, you will inevitability meet your ban. 

and based on your post you I can assume, no offense, you have done very little research on botting and should educate yourself more before proceeding. 

 Heres a start.

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