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Nano Drift Nets

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Nano Drift Nets




This script will craft Jute Fibers into Drift Nets on Fossil Island using the bank chest and loom in the expedition camp. With the efficiency of this script, you can expect 45k-50k crafting experience per hour and 200-400k profit per hour based on buying and selling prices of drift nets and Jute Fibers.


  • Crafts Jute Fibers into Drift Nets for 55xp each.
  • Option to use stamina potions when run energy gets too low.
  • Planned:
    • GE Restocking.
    • Falador loom support.
    • Runner/Master support.


  • Access to Fossil Island.
  • 26 Crafting.
  • 29 Construction (to build the loom & bank chest on Fossil Island).


In Game:



Let me know if you have any questions/feedback on the script. I'm always open to suggestions for new features and ways to improve!

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