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false feedback

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Dispute member:  @maz502

Why it should be removed:  he bought 1month  + rested acc ( he saw it when he log in )
he use this account and get ban ...
now he blame me about it and he want refound...
i dont take resposibility for acc's after transaction ...

Details: he is mad bcs he lose account and dont get refound

and he spam in my fb section ( 2x negative fb )

03/13/21  Ukasz is a scammer will sell you broken Accounts after some hours of using it will sure get banned if you want to risk your money you can test him because no refunds from his side ever Thanks maz502 maz502


03/13/21  Bought an Zulrah Starter Account after some hours of buying it got permanent banned stay away from him maz502 maz502

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@maz502 Seller is not responsible for account bans once in your hands unless they state otherwise in their ToS. Feedback has been removed as it does not follow OSBot's feedback system specifications. Link to those will be provided below.


@ukasz Feedback removed, dispute closed.

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