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AIO Market Guide

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Market Guidelines


Our market section on OSBot is accompanied with a few basic ground rules you should all be aware of. We will shortly discuss what support OSBot gives towards users of the market, how the feedback system works and how to see if someone is found to be trusted by the community.


Your Participation


The participation in the OSBot market is completely at your own risk! Scamming is not allowed, but use your common sense to detect scams and scammers. OSBot staff will not always judge in the event of scamming and therefore also sometimes refrain from punishments being applied to users, unless it's a very clear case. There are several reasons for this:


  1. If the OSBot staff is the jury in scam cases, corruption of staff members will be inevitable in the future as the market grows. First of all because there will be a need for more moderators in charge of the market, thus creating a less controlled environment, and second and most important of all is that moderators could be tempted to take money or have ulterior hidden motives to favor one in front of the other. 
  2. Our community needs to be aware that trading of virtual items is always an event bringing risk into the situation. We want you to pay attention, thus not simply rely on the staff team to back you up in case something goes wrong, for example getting scammed.

General Market Rules


1. Any member is free to do services, however members should be aware of who a provider is before they purchase or trade for service. Such acknowledgements would include vouches and their trader feedback.


2. Scamming is not allowed. If clear enough someone can be found guilty it will result in a permanent ban from the forums, most probably by IP and or in other ways.


3. OSBot is not liable for any of your losses using our market and will not refund in any way, shape or form on behalf of members of our community. If you are scammed, you can post a report in the appropriate section.


4. No changes shall be made to the Runescape or forum account of the buyer that are not directly authorized by him or her, this would be marked as scamming.


5. No external links to other websites providing vouches or services are allowed, everything must be from within the OSBot community.


6. OSBot accounts are not to be sold, rented or shared. They are meant to be personal and not to be distributed from player to player.


7. SMS Membership pins are not to be sold, the reason being is that they are reversible and highly versed in the method of scamming. This also extends to accounts created with SMS Membership pins. You are still allowed to sell/buy gamecards as they are entirely safe once redeemed.


8. It is allowed to receive feedback for a service, as long as the service was either paid or there was risk involved. An example for risk is doing a firecape service for someone, on an account that contains more than 1M RS3 GP or 07 GP. As we are aimed particularly at the RuneScape market, you are only allowed to give or receive feedback for graphics if there is at least $1 worth of goods (based off of common transfer rates) transacted. Feedback for free product will not be allowed.


9. If you employ workers as a service owner, the feedback is to be given by the customer to the worker who completed the service, workers cannot feedback their service owner for this either, the service owner is only allowed to feedback the customer in question. Any abuse or implemented policy in your service to work around this in order to farm feedback is not allowed. This includes holding the money of your workers as an owner, which is not considered middlemanning. If you are caught doing so, your feedback will be removed and other appropriate sanctions will follow.


10. Services with workers have to have their workers enlisted on their service threads. This means that every worker will need a registered profile on OSBot.


11. Please keep in mind that the following items are not to be sold on the OSBot Market for your own safety. Doing so, will result in immediate removal of your thread, and possibly more severe consequences depending on the item you're trying to promote -


  • Hacker items like keyloggers, phishers and RAT's. Any other program or tool used for hacking.
  • Hacked accounts (forum, game, paypal accounts, etc..).
  • Stolen items (accounts, guides, methods, tutorials, etc..)
  • Accounts and/or subscriptions for porn websites.
  • Torrents.
  • Loans of any sort and/or donation requests.
  • Account rentals
  • Private servers.
  • Physical items.
  • Any type of Educational Services.
  • Private Server Account/Gold
  • Anything illegal by law
  • Methods
  • Account Giveaways
  • Gambling
  • Twitch Prime Accounts

12. People holding the 'Trade With Caution' rank (often referred to as TWC) are not allowed to participate in any market except the Currency and Services section. If a user currently holding the rank attempts to participate in the market in any way, please report them as soon as possible.


These rules can be changed at any time at Administrator discretion to punish you or delete your thread for any reason said Administrator sees fit.






The Feedback System

(This layout is different than the previous system, you can now obtain negative/neutral feedback for behavior)



This has been made in an attempt to further explain the feedback system and the meaning of each category. The three types of feedback are PositiveNeutral, and lastly Negative.


PositivePositive feedback is meant for trades that have been completed without a problem. Also you are completely satisfied with what you have received and how the deal took place (The seller/buyer's behavior in the situation etc).


Example - 




Neutral: Neutral feedback is meant for trades that were successful but you are left unsatisfied with how the trade was completed. For example, if you were treated harshly during the trade or the item was not as described, feel free to warn other members of the seller/buyer's attitude or service by leaving neutral feedback.


Example -





NegativeNegative feedback is meant for trades to where you have not received the item you have paid for or someone has taken away money given to you for a service. This can also be left if the buyer and/or seller is extremely rude or demanding, these will be handled in a case by case scenario by the Staff Team.


Example -








Scamming & Ban Evading


The OSBot staff will not always interfere in the occasion of scamming unless the facts are obvious beyond reasoning. But to prevent further scamming by this person in the future, you have to leave negative feedback for this user so other people can stay away from undergoing any trades with the person.


You can do this by going to the users profile and clicking on "Leave feedback" -




Describe what has happened throughout the trade, and mark it as negative before submitting. After doing this, you must alert the Staff Team immediately by submitting a scam report in the disputes section. Reporting a scam can be done here, and we will review it as soon as possible. Please make sure that you add evidence to support your case, and follow the required format listed in the aforementioned section. In other news, if you are found guilty of ban evasion you will receive an IP ban from our community. People who are here with the sole purpose of scamming other members are not welcomed and will be removed promptly.






Global T.O.S & Verified Ranks

Note: Please be aware this will affect every thread in the marketplace, if you already have a T.O.S this will simply be an addition.

1. If a user buys a service that is not completed fully within the time period set, they can request a refund unless valid proof is given.
2. The buyer does not have rights to a refund if they have received what they've paid for.
3. A seller is not at fault if a buyer trades an impostor unless stated otherwise.
4. A seller/buyer can always refuse doing business with anyone.
5. A seller or buyer is not responsible for any bans/mutes that may occur on an account unless stated otherwise.
6. If a buyer changes their password, logs in mid-service, or cancels the service, the seller has the right to stop the service without refunding.
7. You are allowed to have a T.O.S on any thread, as long as they do not loophole the ones stated here.
8. These T.O.S can be changed at any time at an Administrator's discretion


Verified ranks have been introduced to display a distinct group of members that are active and trustworthy within the market section. By obtaining one of these ranks, you will gain access to the verified portion of the market section for that certain category. If you meet the requirements to any of these ranks you may send a Super Moderator or Administrator a private message directly; and if granted, you will receive one of these user-bars listed below:



Verified Ranks

If you have a negative feedback, you will not be eligible for verified ranks!


Verified ranks are given to those active and trusted within the market place. The requirements for each are listed below:


Verified MiddleMan Rank


  • You cannot have an open or solved dispute against you with the ruling that you have scammed.
  • You must have at least 250 positive feedback.
  • You must have completed 100 transactions as a middleman. You must have unique feedback to prove your transactions took place. (Multiple feedbacks from a single member will not count towards your completed transactions).
  • Currently hold a rank of VIP/Sponsor/$100.00 Donor.

Verified Services Rank


  • Currently hold a rank of VIP/Sponsor/$100.00 Donor.
  • Have a minimum of 400 posts.
  • Hold at least 150 positive feedback within your service with no open dispute of a ruled scamming or negative feedback that rightfully states you've scammed. (This does not include "late services" etc.)
  • Hold an active thread with at least 75 feedback for the service(s) stated within.

Verified Transactor Rank


  • Currently hold a rank of VIP/Sponsor/$100.00 Donor.
  • Hold at least 150 positive feedback with no open dispute of a ruled scamming or negative feedback that rightfully states you've scammed.
  • Hold an active rsgp/osgp selling/buying thread that has produced at least 75 unique, positive feedback. (Multiple feedbacks from a single member will not count towards this).

If you meet the requirements to any of these ranks you may send a Super Mod or Admin a private message directly. If granted, you will receive one of these beautiful userbars.





Paypal & Skype Blacklists


To search for a Skype or PayPal:

  • Click on the relevant spoiler (If you want to search a PayPal click PayPal spoiler and for Skype search click the Skype spoiler).
  • Press the 'CTRL' and 'F' keys on your keyboard at the same time (For Windows) or 'Command' and 'F' keys (For Mac) at the same time.
  • Type in the Skype address/PayPal email/PayPal name to see if they are blacklisted.

Blacklisted Skypes - that have scammed on OSBot, click on their name in order to view the scam case for each one.



Blacklisted Paypals - that have been caught in certain scam reports.



1. PayPal name: Andrew Zihenni
Email: andrew.zihenni@@hotmail.com

2. PayPal name: Tyrone Norville

Email: champ_wbc@@hotmail.com

3. PayPal name:  Kayler Gist

Email: kaylerigist@@gmail.com

4.  PayPal name: Kalender Canpolat


Related valid scam report thread:http://osbot.org/for...cs-scam-report/

If you would like your Skype and/or Paypal removed from the list above, please PM a Global/Super Moderator with evidence you have refunded the user. You will need to include either a link to a thread where the user confirms being refunded, or add the user to the PM and have them confirm being refunded (A link to the relevant scam report is also required in the PM).


To report a Skype address for blacklisting click here.

To report a PayPal for blacklisting click here.







This guide would not have been possible without the following users and their contribution to the market section by providing myself with the bulk of the information shown. Thank you to all the users below for their assistance -


1. @Maxi



2. @RoomScape


3. @Arctic



4. @Dex


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