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Need help with proxies/creating accounts

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Every time I try to connect to the runescape signup page through selenium with a proxy I get this error https://prnt.sc/10ifkjc - Access denied, Error 15. 

I've had this error multiple times using a few different proxies from different providers while using selenium, I always get this error. 

Am I buying bad proxies or does it see that I'm using web automation like selenium?

I'm using data center proxies and I usually use UK or US proxies, they are really cheap costing 0,8-1,2$/week.

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Could be a mix of both but I know nothing that goes into working with selenium so I'd say it's likely just your proxies. With all the IPs jagex is now blocking, I'd assume the cheaper the proxies and easier the provider is to find the more likely it is they'll be blocked. 

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