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  1. Can i get a free trial? I liked the top post
  2. Can I please get a free trail?
  3. Every time I try to connect to the runescape signup page through selenium with a proxy I get this error https://prnt.sc/10ifkjc - Access denied, Error 15. I've had this error multiple times using a few different proxies from different providers while using selenium, I always get this error. Am I buying bad proxies or does it see that I'm using web automation like selenium? I'm using data center proxies and I usually use UK or US proxies, they are really cheap costing 0,8-1,2$/week.
  4. I was going to make an account creating script and then when it came to proxies I didn't know how to deal with the proxies. So, when using a proxy to create accounts that is in for example the U.S, would an account buyer have to use the same proxy or would they be fine just using a proxy that also is in the U.S no matter the state they are in. So as long as the account creator and buyer are using a proxy that is from the same country the accounts wont get locked?
  5. I just started making an account creator and when testing the proxy part of the script, every time I went to the osrs account creation page I got access denied. I was using a free proxy just for testing before I buy my own, so is it just because its a free public proxy or has jagex made it really hard to do something on proxies in general? And also what would be the best type of proxy to make the accounts and then bot on?
  6. My script just stops whenever it is paused or is logged out due to a dc/break. How can i fix this?
  7. I was making a script that at some point needed to open feather packs, but i cant find a way to open them. if(getInventory().contains(11881)) { if inventory contains feather pack, open. but how? } I checked the api but couldnt find an answer.
  8. Thank you! Script is running perfectly now!
  9. Hey @Malcolm, have you found the problem? Is it fixed?
  10. Using mass accounts and it does 1 account and terminates the script, @Malcolm please help. In the logs it does say x accounts loaded so idk this is what i run in cmd: java -jar "Desktop\osbot.jar" -login censored:censored -bot dKFYwdsL2426@gmail.com:iRDxwIW7417:0000 -script 1053:load -allow norandoms im using injection screen of osbot logs https://ibb.co/vzwCz5f
  11. When i use -allow norandoms the bot doesnt log in it just sits in the log in screen the login credentails are valid and everything works fine if i dont use -allow norandoms, but it just does 1 acc Edit: just checked the logger and it said it cant find the accounts.txt file, i fixed it now and it seems to be running. I had named it accounts.txt instead of accounts on accident
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