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SOLVED Auto Login Delay help

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EDIT: Found an event login from a couple years ago, outdated but it halfway worked. Got it working! Thanks for those who helped!


So I am trying to make a script that will allow me to log in for 30 seconds, grab a couple things, log out, and wait for 30 minutes for the items to refresh and then repeat. However I can't use a Break Handler because how long I stay logged in couple vary from time to time, depending on how far I am from my location. Unless I am able to call on the Break Handler to activate whenever I do a logoutTab.logOut(); command, then I am out of luck on a break handler. Example below.


public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException {
			if (myPlayer().getPosition() != Lumbridge) {

			if (!getInventory().contains("Air Rune")) {
					groundItems.closestThatContains("Air Rune").interact("Take");

			if (getInventory().contains("Air Rune")) {
					log("Logging out for 30-45 minutes for runes to refresh.");
					sleep(random(1_800_000, 2_400_000)); //Sit on logout screen for 30-45 minutes before Auto Login handler kicks in.
	return 100;


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