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How long is safe?

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45 minutes ago, Caleb2W said:

i dont wanna get banned so i only do like 40 mins a day switching banks. what would you say is a safe amount of time to bot in mirror mod if i take breaks alot?

If you don't want to get banned, don't bot at all. It's really just that simple.

No amount of botting is safe on an account that you don't want to lose.

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2 hours ago, Caleb2W said:

i didnt ask what to do not to get banned im asking what are the amount of time ppl bot they feel is safe.

It depends how you play in general. Bot according to you gaming patterns. You dont want to move from playing 1 hour a day, to playing 1 hour a day and botting 3h on top of that. Also just doing only crafting would raise suspicion. If you play 30mins doing something, bot crafting for 30-60mins after. If you can talk with people while doing that a little, then move to something else. Imo this is the safest way to do it.

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I truly have no idea. There's been times where I play it very safe, but still get banned within 1-2 days even as a member & rested accounts. My latest one, I'm getting pretty lax and fully expect a ban any day now. It's not crazy high level, but pretty well balanced for a relatively new account. I've botted upwards of 6+ hrs some days on this account. 


I really don't understand how it works. If you get on a good streak, just ride it out until a 2 day (hopefully that's it) ban. That's what I'm doing. 




Use mirror mode as much as possible. I think last time I got two decent bots going, I stopped using mirror and got perms on both fairly quick. Mirror mode is worth the subscription if you need your accounts to last. It's no guarantee, but it's like a condom. Better safe than sorry, even if you still end up sorry.

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