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Accounts locked for using VPN, don't want to connect email address to it to recover? (Help a noob <3)

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I can't access the RS account creation page whilst using Express VPN, so I create the account using my phone / mobile data.

Log into new account as normal, get towards the end of tutorial island when the account gets locked, as it is suspected stolen.

Only way to unlock account is via email, but I don't want to connect the account with an email, as I'm looking to sell the accounts later.


- Sorry if this has been spoken about before, new to the forum


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First of all don't use vpn if you want it to last cuz you will get higher ban rates , so use a proxy or your home adress but don't trade with your main ect..

And for your locked accounts you have 2 options, start over or register an email.

And I almost forgot If you decide to use a proxy, be carefull to not log in with a different Ip(region) to avoid getting it locked again

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