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How good is Jagex's macro detection nowadays?

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Hey everyone, I'm just wondering how detectable mouse recorded macros are. Personally, I'm using a 20 min long loop mouse recorded macro to high-alch, recorded by hand. These would then run for about 3-4 hours at a time with a 2-hour gap as a break. Planning to do similar methods to level up crafting and fletching, as well as some basic nmz training (which involve drinking a super combat, then afking for 10 mins or so). I'm currently either locked inside a poh, or camping in w302 ge's crowd to avoid reports (lost an old acc trying to train cooking). Just wondering if there's other factors that I should be aware of when doing these.  Saw a bunch of old threads on this topic but I'm just not sure if jagex's anti-cheat has been improved since then.

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In my opinion 20 min macro recording is way too short. Think about it, lets say you let it ran 55-99 mage for alching, what takes like what? 200 hours? that's a lot of pattern repetition. For mage I would suggest a good auto-clicker like Murgee where you can set random intervals between clicks.

For other skills recorded macros brake to easy in my opinion and you end up like serg rambo :)

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3 hours ago, darkbowpur3 said:

i have gotten 1-95 mage on 3 accounts within the last 2 weeks, autoclicking for like 8-12 hrs a day, no bans on any of them. 

It's strange because, for example, I tested 4 old accounts and each of them was banned, where I have not banned any account on ***** ....

somewhere colleagues on the forum wrote osbot = Ban

Also, I do not recommend this service to anyone ...because you will only lose your money.

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Their macro system isn't that great, if you know what you are doing its easy to minimize risks of being banned. All comes with experience and definitely dont use autoclickers like a complete noob thats just asking for a ban, their macro system is based off machine learning so therefore lets take How often you click as an example when alching If you are Alching every 2 seconds to the exact number you are easily going to get the hammer its physically impossible for a person to click exactly at 2 seconds everytime but it is highly possible for a script or code to that USE COMMON SENSE. You want to be using Quality scripts with good antiban compliance as well as factoring some of your own techniques which as I mentioned you  will gain with experience.

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Mouse Recorders work pretty well. Obviously theres always a chance of getting banned but from my experience Ive only received 2 day bans  for it and very rarely. usually when I forget to turn it off  and left it running for like over 24 hours.  On one of my acounts though I mouse recorded 80 mining, 99 magic, 99 fletching, 90 crafting, 40 agility and other skills with no bans. Just baby sat it or checked on it every hour or so just to make sure it wasnt messing up. 


For the most part jagex macro detection is really good.  and most accounts will get banned from botting, tho Ive had more luck with using the hardware mouse feature.  accidentally left a script running for like 18 hours straight and account never got banned.

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