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  1. unlikely that you got banned due to the botting you did today earlier, bans come with a delay. Did you bot before with the account or from the same ip? which premium script did u use (which skill), did you use breaks or just one hour straight? give some more info.
  2. I and the public know, what all schoolchildren learn, that those who use a mac to run osbot on, shall use windows via bootcamp from now on.
  3. yeah if you keep botting most likely perm ban incoming. That being said, dont use stealth injection if you value your accounts.
  4. Mac user here.. Install windows 10 for free via bootcamp in 15 mins and run osbot and osrs generally with a better performance. ez fix
  5. IMHO, stealth injection should just be available for people who actively marked their osbot accounts as something like "bot farm runner" or whatever and mirror should be the normal version for everyone who intends to bot "non-commercially" without needing vip
  6. If I understand correctly, Khal scripts offer exactly this. Works like a charm. You can set total run time, break after x minutes, break after certain levels, stopping after certain run time and the best is you can set a randomization as well for the breaks etc.
  7. Not sure why stealth is even offered to the average user, should be locked and only available for commercial users or something. Mirror bot is the only way to bot, unfortunately it costs but its well worth it if you value your account. And apparently at some point it will be made available for anyone with osbot 3.0 but that probably won't happen anytime soon.
  8. Hey Khal, could I trial this one?
  9. Nice release!! I would also like a trial please
  10. AnimalMother


    One trial please, if possible
  11. RL is completely safe with all it's plugins, IF you downloaded it from the correct source which you said you did. Two-factor auth + bank pin is a must imo, now you learned it the hard way... Maybe you used any other services in the past? Tried other bot clients? Downloaded anything remotely shady in connection to osrs/RS? Would still maybe make sure ur computer is clean...
  12. Which clients you have used in the past incl. steam? you have 2 factor auth for the osrs account?
  13. Hey Khal You have any updates regarding eta?
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