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  1. I couldn't reproduce it anymore either now good sir, I guess it is fine maybe it was client side, sorry for the hustle!
  2. Great script so far, however I think I found a little problem. In the ape atoll agility course when you fail the rope obtstacle (see picture) and you'res washed downstream to the spot marked by the red dot, the script just stands there and does not move on, maybe you can look into it I'm using mirror mode + new hardware mouse. Besides, any agility potion support planned in the future?
  3. Relax guys, client will be updated soon
  4. Not too long actually, like a month on/off... and since I play these accounts legit I don't mind about how long, I only bot things I don't want to train manually and aim to keep the accs, hence the little botting times. When you start up osbot you can select use new mouse/hardware mouse, then the bot uses your actual mouse which seems to lower ban rates even further apparently...
  5. I don't understand the purpose of these kind of posts... You represent a sample size of 1, hence absolutely no explanatory power can be deducted from this. Maybe u get banned, maybe not who knows, sometimes you manage to bot a few days on injection but rest assured if you keep going you will be banned anyway.
  6. Looks like you dont use mirror mode? Injeciton mode is really only for mass botting farms I'd say, if you even slightly value your acc use mirror... I did two accs to 99 fm 70+ agil, even seers no ban. Just make sure you use mirror mode + hardware mouse. Take big breaks in between, don't bot more than 2 hours a days incl. breaks and not more than 10 hours per week incl. breaks. Never received a ban with this setup.
  7. For gold? El dorado imo, bought plenty of times, super cheap and reliable.
  8. Mirror mode + new hardware mouse + shirt bitting sessions max 30 mins in one go + breaks + never botting longer than 3 hours per day incl. Breaks + bot max 10-15 hours per week incl. Breaks + only premium scripts. I followed these rules more or less since rs pre EOC times, botted many many hours since then and never received a single ban. Also I only bot one account at a time and all accounts have decent age (current ones all 4000+ days old).
  9. Account age is most likely a factor which plays a big role imo ALL my accounts I bot are 4000+ days old, all from original rs times. I bot heavily but with many breaks also higher ban rate skills like WT, agility and I got never any account banned. The new hardware mouse + mirror mode seems to be pretty good also as far as I'm concerned
  10. One trial please Sir!
  11. I never bot longer than 2 hours per day with 20 mins sessions and 15 mins breaks. High risk activities only 1 hour max also 15 min bot time 10 mins break. I bot less than 10 hours per week overall. No bans yet ever, including botting agility. Edit: Of course mix up also randomization and change times every time slightly
  12. 300 and it's yours! https://secure.runescape.com/m=forum/forums?17,18,31,66213374,goto,38 check here for current prices rares are traded!
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