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  1. I have a few 1500 and 2k total's if you would like to see them add me on discord. Maybe one of them is the one for you. Sad Life Huh#5459
  2. I don't even know what is going on, I tried to buy from him a while ago. He was acting weird then called me on discord, he made it seem like he was going to go first so I was good with the BTC payment. If you look at the text I said I would contact a mod to middle-man or confirm the trade was legit, was not trying to scam anyone I have bought and sold to many other's here for well over $8k in the last month alone. Not sure what the report is for, the fact that we didn't trade, or the fact I wouldn't go first? I have like $300 in scripts alone on here, not worth dumping for $400 and ruining my
  3. I was given the full amount of gold from Khaleesi just now, going to go ahead and just call this the world telling me chill on the buying gold. Mod please close this out, go ahead and just assume this was the universe messing with us and no one on either side was intending wrong doing.
  4. Was just banned from both Khal's server and Khal's buying and selling server for (Creating Drama) when I baited Krrked into trying to use the reason he could have messed up by changing his wallet ID and catching him lying when proving to him its not possible to delete one. https://gyazo.com/60022bad3c8d26e5c50fb4e3f85b88f9 https://gyazo.com/a2523e384ab2ea087ae4d18d039312c0 https://gyazo.com/10c0e9df5cd5c260b48670b212eec7c5 https://gyazo.com/5c37fb3159de854bc60badb51b30163b https://gyazo.com/bc5319d6fcb251d87a9822978e97633e https://gyazo.com/8ffcf402a31213f1add144347bd56fc5
  5. So long story short, I bought from them once. I go back for a 2nd time and the guy say's the BTC never came to his wallet, yet I asked him twice which wallet ID was the correct one and he confirmed it was the correct one. After sending $255 he asked me to send the next two payments of $255, (so they would all confirm same time) he said. Which is the most sketch thing I have ever seen in my life, so I chose not to send the 2nd and 3rd payment because of him being sketchy now. After waiting a bit he said he had received money from a friend and the BTC was credited instantly which was a lie becau
  6. If you haven't sold I will buy it bud. Sad Life Huh#5459
  7. Doesn't work with a normal butler?
  8. Trial please sir, I have the eagle con but it's too slow. SOOOO much wasted time it feels like.
  9. 700m 07, $.48 USD Sad Life Huh#5459 is my discord
  10. Bump, Ends on Sunday at Midnight EST.
  11. Account Stats. Total Wealth None Really. Quest's. Starting Price. $45 A/W Amount $80 Payment Methods. 07, BTC Trading Conditions. Account comes with no black marks and no email. It is rested over a week and never botted so once you take possession of the account if you incur any mutes or bans I am not responsible. Picture of the account status. Original owner and email? I am the original owner and the account has no email set. Your email will be the first one on the account.
  12. Added on discord, I have 1.1b currently for sale. Names Sad Life Huh#5459
  13. $100-125, only because most services places will do the skills and quest's for you and it cost's like 100m. So just afk training at crabs or nmz and your done.
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