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I'm a dev looking to get properly involved in the bot community, have been in and out of it a bunch and have played runescape nearly my entire life.

I'm a woman in my 20s, married (gay), and I live in a country with a piss low cost of living but that's comfortable as fuck so if I can make a decent gig out of botting/coding on here then it would be great.

I also just enjoy the prospect of making bots from a coding perspective, something about seeing it come to life knowing you made it, y'know?

If you guys recommend any discords or such that would be beneficial to getting involved in either goldfarming and/or making bots that'd be greatly appreciated, I think most of the challenge in this for me will come from the logistics and strategy of the bots themselves rather than the actual coding involved (As from what I can see it's pretty damn simple compared to what I'm used to doing)

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Hello there, welcome to OSBot 

If you're looking to get into scripting, i'd say place out maybe a script or two for free and build up from that, the feedback you get and such from updating/keeping on track with it/them could help you progress further and such and then build better/vip+ scripts :)

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