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Break Handler / clicking accuracy

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Hi All,

Since the update, I have been noticing that the break handler is less accurate than before? I notice that when trying to logout by clicking the X in the corner then the door, the cursor moves completely out of the screen and misses the door. It repeats itself several times before being auto-logged out. 

I also noticed some scripts (Juggles AIO Fisher) is less accurate also, when climbing up and down stairs in Lumbridge to get to the bank, it clicks so quick that it misses the climb up/down option completely.

Anybody else noticed this? Or even better, know a fix?

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28 minutes ago, Kramnik said:

What version of osbot you currently use? The newest developer one acts funny in some cases

I am using 2.6.12.


12 minutes ago, Khaleesi said:

Make sure you are not using .12 version, use the stable built ^^

This explains everything! Where can I find the stable build? Or is it just the previous version 2.6.9?

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