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Ultimate music thread!

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Having ultimately boring evening and wanted to start topic about music.  🎶

  1.  Favorite genre you like to listen?
  2.  Favorite song? (list few)
  3.  Favorite band/ artist?
  4.  Do you play any instruments?

Anyone else having hard time to find new songs/genres to listen? I personally like to smash the f#@k out of that replay button till I end up remembering those lyrics or getting bored to that song. I usually have pool of 1-20 songs that I repeat.

Guess in this thread we could share some songs for each other and help expanding playlists.

My answer:

  1. Rap, Metal & some EDM/party music
  2. Popular monster, Blinding lights, 
  3. Eminem, Tyga, The weekend, G-Eazy, Postmalone, The Unguided, FFDP, BFMV
  4. Nope


(This picture sums up my evening when your bots run smoothly and nothing else to do)

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4 hours ago, Kramnik said:

1. I listen to pretty much everything, but currently top one is techno :D
2. Rikhter - Phiom Enhah, Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive, Jeff Mills - The Bells
3.  Dax J, Under Black Helmet, Metallica, Vivaldi, Zed's dead
4. Guitar and DDJ-1000 if you can call it an instrument :D 

Interesting, will check out the songs you shared later today! Zed's dead was one of my go for artist back in the days!

is the ddj somekind of dj instrument?

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Listen to everything and anything, Love music and can't go a day without listening to it. But my current on repeat genres are:  EDM/Techno, Alternative Rock/Alternative, 80's - 90's

  1.  The Chain - Fleetwood Mac, Don Broco - Automatic, Don Broco - Technology, Blackbear - Me & Ur Ghost, The Wombats - Moving To New York, Lower Than Atlantis - Stays The Same. 
  2.  Favorite band/ artist? - Don Broco, Fleetwood Mac, If I list any more I'll have to do a TL/DR
  3.  Do you play any instruments? No However I am getting a bass soon
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Some of the songs I listen to I guess none of you guys heard of them (these are iraqi songs btw)

1.Favorite song? (warqa - seif amer) (بو خطيف - آخر ما سوى) (Ali Saber - Alahh Esahilak) (Ali Saber - Maaqoula) (Aseel Hameem - Ser Alhayah)

2. Do you play any instruments? nope, But I dj a bit in friends parties got the pioneer DDJ 400

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