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Testing Scripts [question]

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I am just starting out writing scripts and i was wondering, how do you test your scripts? Do I just run my script on an account in a client? or are there better/easier ways? 
If it's running them, do you have any practical advice for remaining anonymous, or just general tips?


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hey man, sorry noone got back to you quicker.

Yeah, just setup your IDE as per this guide (click here) if you haven't already, and output the scripts to the "Scripts" folder in your OSBot directory.

I usually train an account to fit whatever task the script is gonna do, and plan out what the script is going to accomplish by doing the task a few times manually and mentally jotting what it has to do.

Then, I open up my IDE and get a basic script skeleton, once I write a few parts of it, I build it, run it in OSBot, and then do some tweaks / add stuff, and rebuild until I like how it works.


For staying anonymous, I'd just say it depends. Are you someone who wants to run a bot farm? Learn a lot about proxies, and proxy tunneling to make sure you don't get any huge IP bans, (sometimes Jagex bans all bots from one IP, using multiple IP's limits the bots that go down to just that one IP generally). Also, using popular scripts on multiple accounts IMO can lead to higher ban rates, so you writing your own scripts would be great to limit this.

Generally I don't experience bans while writing scripts, and I don't have a bot farm operation that I've setup ATM so I'm not to worried about all this ^.^

If you are just writing scripts, and using them on a few accounts, I personally wouldn't worry about the trouble of buying proxies and other preventative measures. If you are just testing scripts, again, never bot on your main unless you are willing to lose it. Chances are you will lose it so I STRONGLY don't suggest you do this, never happened to me, except for when I risked a 2k+ total lvl account while helping someone develop a Vorkath script. (yeah, really stupid I know, not gonna do that again lol.)


But seriously, I hope you enjoy your time at OSBot, the community is very friendly and will support you in script development as long as you don't ask for people to literally write out scripts for you. There are a bunch of snippets on OSBot of all the different methods in use, and people will be very generous in their answers if you ask good questions. Have fun man, I really mean it, hope I could help.



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Thanks man!

I'm just looking to write scripts, not make a bot farm, so I won't worry then. Just thought this was a good way to learn Java a bit, so i can add that language to my skills. Seems much more fun than just writing another API for webdevelopment or something.

Sucks about the 2k+ account. I guess that's a hard lesson learned. Thanks for your help!

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