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Can you put your own scripts into OSBOT?

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So what I think you're asking is if you make your own scripts can you run them with osbot? Yes you can, Once you make a script you want to convert it or export it as a .jar file. Then you want to place it into your "C:\Users\USER\OSBot\Scripts" folder (the USER would be your workstation username) 

Load the client, press refresh and the script you've created will show up there. 

If you've made your scripts using another botting API you would need to rewrite your scripts as the API from another botting client may not function & or could be written different to how the API is over here. I would recommend if you have made a script using another API to rewrite it regardless (Also don't advertise other clients/botting websites if you are from somewhere else, it's against TOS.) 

If you're not into the whole making your own scripts from scratch sort of thing, you can purchase a script called "Script Factory" It allows you to create any scripts without knowledge of Java or the API all done within the script which is a monthly subscription and you have over 1000 scripts to use from the getgo. These scripts are all community made, you may have some luck with them, you may not. Trial and error is key.  you can see more about it here: 


If you have any more questions don't hesitate to contact me and also join the discord server and use the #help section within the discord to get queries solved faster :D 

Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/dumFZaM

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