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As an old OSBot member who mostly has been lurking in the forums doing some small interactions and such I think it is time to make a proper introduction so we can know each other better.

My name is Francisco nothing related to Spain I’m the cheap South American version, more specifically Chile, I’m 23 years old born in a well, quite inhospitable place at the time, my grandfather used to work in the mining system and where we were it paid well, then we moved to a bigger city and for us the more knowledgeable that means DECENT INTERNET. Anyways my mother and father split since I have a memory and there was always conflict regarding the use of electronic devices since only my father supported them and well our relation isn’t good so I was on my own as a cybernaut.

RuneScape was one of the first MMORPG’s I ever played and it was a blast, started playing I’d say at around 2005 so I was one of the lucky people that got to experience it’s golden age and as a complete noob, just as WoW. You always get these random memory passages that evolve into nostalgia if you focus on them enough like I remember for example the whip being godlike back then. So I’ve always loved and respected the game, as I grew up I started to understand both faces of it, slowly opening myself up into the other side as a matter of speaking, the underline that can surpass the original experience if you grow the proper taste for it. Started buying gold from sites completely leaving myself open for scams as I had zero knowledge on how to protect myself, got scammed countless time, many accounts hacked, the usual learning path we humans mostly learn from, failing. Then I found it! Botting, god I loved it and o my god I lost so much because of it, I’m still in the negative if I count old experiences, I slowly gained proper understanding of it and as I was already more mature I was able to do a more proper investigative research and made the right decision in sticking with OSBot the best botting and overall site I’ve ever found regarding the if you could say black market of OSRS. As you can see I’m an old member already, created my account on march 2015 and I’ve been on and off since then, never has been communicative I’m more of an introvert and I believe maybe with some low grade of autism but this is merely speculative we don’t focus much on mental health here on my country, meditation for me is key hence why the low interactions here on the site but it’s time to change all this.

Now I live on my own, I pay for my education and sustain, I am currently studying Commercial Engineering that’s a poor translation, but you get the idea. Since the pandemic every country has been decaying, people with a low income are struggling the most since some can’t work, they can’t produce and therefore exist in peace, the ones that work are always exposed and some are scared, I remember when I was late at a local plaza near the curfew and I saw this old person picking up garbage and he started working near me, he was related to our local municipality, I asked him if he minded the smoke he said no, are you sure I replied? Then the conversation started, he ended up telling me how scared he was working like that, exposed like that for the bare minimum, barely being able to feed his own family and worried about his neighbors. Fuck man it’s so infuriating and here in Chile we don’t have it as bad as our other near South American countries. Since I was 16 I promised myself I was gonna make a change I always had the luck to understand things that people didn’t saw so I made the decision to study Commercial Engineering instead of what I truly love that is medicine, healthcare and education overall, why? Because that’s what moves the world, you need to adapt to overcome and reach the places you need in order to make a real change.

I always meditate on ways of improving things,  things that are close or far away from my reach and I’m gonna be honest I thought my chapter on RuneScape was over but my friend called Lucas told me why you don’t sell OSRS Gold, didn’t bothered much as I knew how the market works but he insisted and he introduced me to local communities where gold is sold also accounts and such and I saw how people actually did this and didn’t gained much but they needed it, can’t deny some where just for fun and not because of need, also then I thought about Venezuela for example where people actually do this for a complete living, times of need requires desperate and or unorthodox methods then we saw an opportunity why not bring together all this unpolished knowledge, will and hard work we have here and bring it together to a place where they can actually properly sell the goods they produce and have constant work regarding RuneScape services and so “Gaming Solutions” was born, a business where we can provide work for our communities and provide a proper environment where our workers can win according to actual market value and also according to their efforts, a place where they know they’ll be safely able to work from their homes and win more than what other jobs offer here, sadly our minimum wage here sucks. Even if we cannot provide many jobs it’s still a progress and we have so much in mind that we hope to expand over time and make this dream a reality.

We just bought Lifetime Sponsor from the page to show our support to this awesome page and so people also know we mean serious and proper business, soon we’ll be launching a very unique fully handmade account prototype for sale using USA residential proxies which will include really interesting features and this is just the start, we have so much in mind and we’re working all day to make those happen.

We will be glad to see what you guys think about all of this on the replies.

Sincerely, the GS Team.

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