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How to disable quest and inventory seaching in webwalk


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Everytime when webwalk is executed, it's searching for quests / inventory too fast and it's raising concern about my bot detection. One of my bots had been immediately banned the moment it started webwalk. May be coincidence but just to be safe, any way to disable it quest/inventory search ?

I have tried setting all to false but it's still searching quest:

		WebWalkEvent event = new WebWalkEvent(Area);
		PathPreferenceProfile ppp = new PathPreferenceProfile();


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Even though you were banned while web-walking that doesn't necessarily mean that web-walking is what got you flagged. The data collected from your account must've just looked very bot-ish.

As for the quests tab, I doubt they're tracking the instances of who opens their quest tab before walking or else that might cause a lot of false-flags.

To solve your problem, you could always use a different walk class, but the downfall is they can't take you as far of a distance as web walking.

Check out: https://osbot.org/api/org/osbot/rs07/api/Walking.html

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