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  1. Don't worry about asking to many questions, that's how you learn. As stated though, learning java and its fundamentals would help greatly with this, but I will try to give some information and maybe help to point you in the right direction. As the current code stands the logic is this 1st -> You declare some variables. The Player variable, setting it to myPlayer() is unneeded and you and should just use myPlayer() when you want to access that particular object. Also with calling myPlayer(), since it is more than just a variable call, and is actually a method call, it cou
  2. Do you mean skills in Java or in scripting? If you mean for scripting, I recommend just creating little scripts until you are able to flush out a well structured and well optimized one. After that try to create an AIO script that allows for user input to change the activities the script will do. I see that you used a UI designer to create your ConfigForm, which is okay but, I highly recommend you learn to create GUI's through code. Here is a link to a thread that will help with that - Explv's Scripting 101 section 16.
  3. Welcome. Any questions on scripting feel free to PM me.
  4. Not a bad script for a "small and ugly" one I've definitely seen worse, some that I have made . Keep it up you'll have scripting down in no time. Quick suggestion though. You should look into GitHub for when posting your Open Sources, its a version control system that will allow people to look at your code without having to download it, plus a bunch of other features for quicker development and a place that can store a backup of your scripts in-case your storage fails. Also most IDE's have an integrated system for pushing updates/projects to GitHub within the IDE itself. Let
  5. Np. Glad ya got it all figured out, lmk if you have any other questions.
  6. Not exactly. When the berries are picked from the bush, the bush's ID will stay the same but the children model ID of the berries are removed from the modelIDs array. It is possible to select a bush with an ID, you would just have to create a method that will loop through the bush's child IDs and if it contains the ID than return that bush an example of that would look like this. private RS2Object getObjectFromChildModelID(Predicate<RS2Object> filter, int childID) { Object[] objects = getObjects().getAll().stream().filter(filter).toArray(); for (Object o : objects)
  7. Repetition is one the biggest things I've found that gets you banned. Try doing slayer one day than some other stuff the next day. I also limit the amount of time to about 2-3 hours a day. Even with the best code/task randomizing, you will still eventually get banned.
  8. RS2Object bush = getObjects().closest(o -> o.getName().endsWith("bush") && o.getModelIds().length > 1); Essentially what this is doing is applying a filter, using lambda expression. It will only grab the Object that passes the conditional check. This can also look like this. Filter<RS2Object> bushFilter = new Filter<RS2Object>() { @Override public boolean match(RS2Object rs2Object) { return rs2Object.getModelIds().length > 1 && rs2Object.getName().toLowerCase().endsWith("bush"); } }; RS2Object bush = getObjects().closest(bu
  9. Quick questions... How many hours per day did you bot for? Did you just do slayer all 5 days? Has an account been banned for botting on that IP/Proxy?
  10. You don't have to inverse the bool value in the first if statement just use != operator instead of ==, it will make it easier to read. Ex. - if (getInventory.getAmount("Redberries") != 3) You should also remove the for loop and allow the script to re-loop to re-trigger this action. I have found that scripts are much easier to debug/maintain if there is only 1 action happening per loop. When interacting with something you should wrap it in an if statement so you will only activate your sleep call if the interaction was successful. Ex. - if (redberries.interact("Pick-from"))
  11. Your script manifest is in the wrong spot. And since OsBot uses that to identify your script it will not show up in the script selector. Place it above the class and all should be fixed.
  12. Np, feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  13. Yeah exactly, the parameter name does not matter. Only the type, in this case Area, does.
  14. No need to worry about asking too many questions. That's how you learn You are just missing the parameter for the method. A parameter is placed in between the parenthesis after your method name, so it would look like this walk(Area x) In code. Also you don't need to use a sleep as the WebWalker will pause further execution of the script until the event is over. private void walk(Area x) { if (!x.contains(myPosition())){ getWalking().webWalk(x); } }
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