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High risk/low risk?


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Hey guys, hope you're all well.

I used to play RS legit (over a decade ago now) and got high skills, joined OSRS and played for a bit before botting on my old main and lost it. Was 100% my own fault for suciide botting agility and RC.

I have found that botting combat in NMZ i never get banned for, I was just wondering what people classify as the least risk botting to highest risk? 

I heard agility is still almost a guaranteed ban? 

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49 minutes ago, Nimiane said:

Yeah, RC and Agi seem to be the ones least worth doing. 

What other ones like NMZ combat levelling are considered low risk? of course anything can get you banned but Im curious

The script itself has a lot to with it, but I think good way to look at this is to just see how AFK/click intense is script. NMZ has so low ban rates is because you don't have to do anything there :D So by this rule fletching bows, woodcutting, smithing etc. should be high risk. Ofcourse to some extent. Smithing cannonballs can be high risk due to highly used gold farming method, also chopping oaks etc. 

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If you’re wanting agility you could do barbarians assault. It’s what I’ve done for 2 accounts so far and going for the third now. You usually end up with 60-70 agility I believe but you don’t get graceful, that’s the only downside but you do end up getting 99 fishing if you don’t get caught. 

Agility: these days I find agility near impossible to bot and not get caught, I did manage to get 82 agility on my other account before being 48-hour banned. That was enough for me to not bot that account again.

F2P; anything F2P in my opinion is high ban rate from what I’ve seen throughout these forums.

Hunter: very high ban rate unless you do birdhouses

runecrafting: very high ban rate. Unsure what arceuus library would be like or if a script even exists for that

combat: depends on location and length of time botted

mining: moderate I’ve managed to get 1-99 mining <6months ago doing MLM and amethyst

fletching: same as mining, managed to get 18.6m XP on an account which still hasn’t been banned.

Money making: high chance of being banned due to gold farming.

these are just my opinions and can be taken with a pinch of salt. Progress however you like, best of luck with your future endeavours 

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