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should i stop botting on a proxy after ban?


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i just used Fury aio looter for some time. I know that less popular bots often have lower ban rates, but thats not what im asking about. im just curious what most people do (with the proxy) if account using a said proxy get banned. i would assume that i should treat it just the same as if i were banned on my home network i.e its "dirty".. 

i mean the whole idea with proxies are to keep your home address clean, and if that matter at all, i assume i shouldnt use the proxy any more. i just need some kind of confirmation or whatever. 

what is the common practice i guess?

The proxy is provided by someone well know in this community and he/she was highly recommended by others on the forum. i dont think the proxy is the problem, as far as proxies go.


Edit: i guess it also may depend on how i bot. if i were suicide botting then there would be no problem just continuing for obvious reasons. but i do some light botting on my higher level accounts too, and i want to minimize the risk going forward. 

also, im fairly new to the botting community. Despite learning fast, i sometimes need to be fed information with a teaspoon (not really sure if that is a saying or not outside my country)

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Make some throwaway accounts on the proxy if they get banned more or less straight away you know the proxy has been flagged. If not continue using it. Likelihood is that it’s been flagged but only time will tell. Don’t use an account on the proxy you care about just in case it is flagged and it gets chainbanned it’s unlikely that it could happen but never say never. 

I’ve never used proxies personally only my home IP. My Ironman got banned for macroing left the botting scene for a month. Returned on the same Ip and managed to get 5 99’s on my pure before it got banned. It’s possible the IP isn’t flagged but there’s a lot more things to consider. The amount of accounts used on the IP, length and time, Private or public, Botting task. All these will play some part in whether it was flagged but just try and hope for the best my guy.

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