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BUILD [4.0.1]

-PolyScout "Resource Bug" Fixed-

-Now Possible To Adjust Main Scouting Settings While In Live Sessions-

-GUI And Live Paint Tweaks-

-Script Performance Optimization Allowing For More Scouts In One Machine- 

-Graphical Output Now In Development And Will Be Available For Next Update-






Example input:
-script 1109:FILENAME.txt; 

Template : 
java -jar PATH_TO_OSBOTJAR -login osbotusername:osbotpassword -bot SCOUT_NAME:SCOUT_PASSWORD:SCOUT_PIN(LEAVE 0000 IF NO PIN) -world WORLD -script 1109:FILE_NAME_SAVED.txt;

Instructions : 
1. File inputted must be a file that contains valid data; comformed with files saved from the GUI
2. File must be in the PolyScout directory found in \OSBot\Data



=> World Hopping
=> Targeting
=> Scout Filtering (Levels, Equipment Value, Skull, Ignore List)
=> Adjustable Output
=> Discord Supported
=> Clan Chat Supported
=> Mobile Scouting
=> Walk Back If Dead (Customized location can be set)
=> Spam Bot




1. Open Discord. If you don't have it, just install it, it's pretty quick



2. Now create a server or go to your desired server. You have to have some type of perks.



3. Now create a text channel or use one that you previously created.



4. Right click your channel and click "Edit channel", then locate "Webhooks".



4.Click webhooks and click "Create webook". You will see a popup appear. Locate "Webhook url".


5.You're pretty much done here. Copy the url, paste it in the bot. Go back to Discord and click "Save".



~Be One Step Ahead~


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4.0.1 - p
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30 minutes ago, manoftown said:

it has tts how tf do i remove this xD


hey :). I hope you're enjoying the script.

Next update, I will look onto removing tts usage but for now , follow this


1- click the settings button  down left  of your screen.


2- click text&images.


3- Locate "Allow playback and usage of /tts command" and switch it to  off.




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On 5/12/2020 at 5:21 AM, mow lawns said:

Hey bro how do I set this up with discord? I need help

Hey, if you still need it, i've added how to do it on the post. It's at the bottom of it.


Script Update *May 13th* [Version 2]

- Improve script performance for mirror mode.

- Changed paint and gui appearence.

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