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What is the best "aged" account


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I'm looking to start a new project and am selecting an account for it. I have been going through my various accounts and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the best option to use.


Option 1: Very old username account, NEVER logged into osrs

Option 2: Very old username account, HAS logged into osrs but HAS NOT completed tutorial island - upon completing tutorial, Hans shows the account as being 4000+ days old in OSRS time

Option 3: 2 year old account, tutorial completed at creation


What would you choose?



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Mine was fairly similar in terms of creation date ~4,200 days or so, never played OSRS so starting on tut island. Been botting F2P for 1 month now 7-12 hrs a day (mixing AFK methods with more click intensive things) but skipped a couple of days when I was super busy and couldn't check in on the bot at all. Never over night, always during daytime with some minor breaks. Usually try to be somewhat consistent with breaks to mimic a schedule that makes sense for my time zone.. albeit a "no-lifing schedule" (like lunch, dinner etc..) and I avoided botting for the first day and just played legit through the OSBot client doing various tasks, did most of the quests, with very varied skilling and moneymaking, also never muled any cash over.

So far so good I guess? Kinda figured I would be banned by now but I'm not complaining! 🤷‍♂️
Doing like 1-2 hours of botting a day just sounds boring af and even if I botted for 100 days straight with no bans I'd get what..? 150 hours of progress? Wohoooo..... 🎉 

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