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OSBot won´t start


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You can run multiple versions of Java on a single machine very easily.

Step 1. Download Java Runtime Environment 8* (This works for using any version of java.)


(Oracle will require a registration now-a-days, as an official distributor of JRE/JDK/etc you can trust Oracle.)

Step 2. Install Java 8 using the default settings for all installation instructions.

(Note: Remember where your default file path when you install it. By default, it should be within your program files on your main drive.)

Step 3. Move your OSBot jar executable into a folder, then open the folder.

Step 4. Right click in the white space within the folder, towards the bottom of the drop down menu select, New > Text Document. Once this is done, save and name the file, "Run", DO NOT CLOSE IT.

Step 5. Open windows file explorer and go-to your local disc drive (Usually labeled "Local Disk(C:)"

Step 6. Open your program files folder and go to your Java folder (will be (x86) or not depending on your type of install being 32 or 64 bit)

Step 7. Inside your Java folder, open up the folder for the version of Java you want to use and then open the folder labeled "bin".

Step 8. Inside the bin folder, right click the **application** named **"Java"** and select properties from the drop down menu. (Be aware of files with similar names.) 

Step 9a. copy and paste the file path from the details reached through step 8 into the text document we created before for later.

Step 9b. copy and paste the following into the text document, replace "C:\FILEPATH\" with your own file path for Java executable. (Remember to re-name osbot.jar to your jar filename as well.) 

"C:\FILEPATH\" -jar "osbot.jar"

Step 10. SAVE THE FILE AS, from here select "All file types" and name the file, "run.bat"



"C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_241\bin\java.exe" -jar "osbotlatest.jar"


For anybody curious, the pause is simply there to keep the console open while the JRE is in execution. Makes me feel warm and snugly, not needed.


This could/should fix your issue.


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