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Captains log - a journey into farming


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Formatting will change as I go along 😎

About me

I've played RS Since 2006, Currently working in IT, mainly in automation roles; shell scripting, Ansible, containerization, Infra as code, etc.

Never botted these accounts.

  • Runescape - comped main - almost maxed iron - quit in 2019
  • OSRS: >90/90/90 atk/str/def, >85 slayer main - quit in 2017



1m made 08/03/2020 - yew logs




Desire to play runescape after quitting for a year grew over the last few weeks, but I can't be fucked to waste my time playing video games I don't enjoy. I started checking out SIMBA because I was familiar with that from RS3 botting. I couldn't get it to work and they are not beginner friendly.

Came here, got it working, ran a few scripts, got a couple of accounts banned, just testing the waters...

bought a vpn with a proxy, created a gmail account, and started making runescape accounts with name+X@gmail.com, created 25 accounts with 15 addresses verified

botted 13 of them through tutorial island, going to let them rest for a week to see if they get smacked or not

created a spreadsheet to keep track of my accounts - amazing conditional formatting and a text log under 'bot record'




was up until 04:30 reading the forums, looking for information, got work in 3,5 hours lol

started working on a batch script to launch clients quickly. Swapped over to a shell script instead since it's way more flexible than batch. I'll put it in my signature when it's ready.



Awake, browsing the forum and scripting at 04:00 again, running misc. free scripts on the 418 day old account (IM btw) on  the second monitor



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