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Ultimate Dagannoth Rex

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For trials please join the discord and request one using our discord bot!

Want to purchase? Click here!


Dynamic Load-out to select the gear you want to use!



Discord Webhooks Support! Will notify you when your bot receives a valuable drop!




  • Solo Dagannoth Rex.
  • Randomization of banking withdraws.
  • Restocking -> Requires at least 5M in the bank every restocking trip.
  • Dynamic Loadout.
  • Discord Webhooks to notify you of drops. WARNING: Make a private webhook server. The bot will send your username to the webhook.


  • Basically Zulrah Requirements without having to do regicide!
  • Highly Recommended to use Guthan's/Blood spells to have better healing and longer trips!
  • Completion of The Fremennik Trials
  • 75 Magic
  • Recommended 45+ Prayer
  • Gear + Potions + Food


  • Food
  • Prayer/Super restore potions
  • Antidote++ potions
  • Stamina potions (if using stam)
  • Rune thrownaxe
  • Camelot teleport

How to start the script

  • Start the bot in Camelot Bank OR at the location the bot lures rex over to.
  • Start with your magic gear equipped


My Suggested Loadout:






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[INFO][Ultimate Scripts][02/21 01:32:55 PM]: Moving Saradomin brew(4) to slot 16
[INFO][Ultimate Scripts][02/21 01:32:55 PM]: Script Ultimate Dagannoth Rex has paused!


stuck at cammy bank spamming this



fixed by depositing invi into bank and letting it reset inv

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5 hours ago, Balmain33 said:


I pmed you on Discord i have some major issues whit this bot. It cant seem to work for me and i'm pretty sure i have the right settings.

Dealing with this :doge:

1 hour ago, AlgirdasD said:

ban rate? and price?

$19.99 and ban rate imo is fairly low but obviously I'm bias :boge:

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