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Best place to splash?

Valiant One

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Ok so currently having some problems with certain script - it keeps leaving the house with a rat and getting stuck, potentially reason why i got banned on one of my accounts.

Draynor, Rimmington - both house rats (not really good for this script)
Varrock severs - some overzealous ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  could just keep killing the rats until I get banned from too many actions
Seagulls - in the past I got stuck on them for some reason, they also seem too popular

What about caged mobs? Is the only problem with them the fact that the script will have to click on the mob every levelup? Or are there any other problems?

F2P only locations pls

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Goblins @ the goblin stronghold next to taverly? I also believe theres rats in the woods near to the taverly dungeon. For p2p I found a spot I believe would be decent. I found it by accident and will most likely be using it for my IM. In the place where you find the boots of lightness. Theres a level 2 spider down there. I dont know if the light source would ever extinguish itself which would make it sort of dangerous if it does 

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