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  1. Sooooo not sure if this has been asked before, but since OpenOSRS team had to remove non compliant plugins it's a tad hard to find them now. Sooo are there any good overlay plugins for these. Nothing AHK/macro related. I am assuming Inferno is probably tad harder to get, but i could really use the first two. EDIT: Found them already, its xKylee repo.
  2. Your Discord & Unique id : ߷Massive Memelord߷#9225 153213228283854848 Other's Discord & unique id : TaxSeazon#6091 182322475512758272
  3. obviously a pure essence runner, just out of pure curiosity not sure if my current occupation allows for it Edit: Ah yes obviously you are just farming 100 posts lmfao
  4. 75 runecrafting 69 magic all pouches, lunar diplomacy
  5. Since they apparently rescan your account on ban appeal can I am curious whether a 2 day can get downgraded to a permanent ban
  6. i suppose you should reconsider your appraisal
  7. lmfao i got 160M for acc with 1600 total
  8. How much am I looking at that account without anything else in particular?
  9. Does it have goblin boy slayer protection?
  10. 2 to 5M, but if splashing is what you are after the ban rate is much higher now
  11. 85 mage and some random stats and quests done, it also has over 10 days of membership right now
  12. E-mail set and will be provided, no 2FA on the e-mail.
  13. Does it even matter what kind of datacentre proxy provider I use? I have like a second home IP is it safe enough to run 4 bots at once on single residential IP?
  14. I'm just personally afraid they will ban my IRL bank acc for trading crypto. Crypto is under some fire here because govt's are afraid of black market.
  15. Do you have any experience with Revolut?
  16. Is it safe to sell GP for friends and family to customers?
  17. E-mail not set. Rested for 7 days. Doesn't have to have anything else than magic, though not willing to pay extra for anything else other than 7QP (1M extra) Base prices: 80 magic - 13,5M 85 magic - 20M Will be buying 4 accounts soon. Note: You HAVE to provide both passwords and logins. Setting the e-mail for me and having me go through recovery process for each account is absolutely NOT an option.
  18. Disputed member: @TaxSeazon Thread Link: Explanation: He failed to pay back the deposit in agreed term Evidence: Him admitting he changed the TOS and that deposit was refundable in 30 days Him admitting that I have paid the deposit on 7th June Him proving his identity Plus also he had me as a worker listed in one of his threads, probably this one below or the one I've posted at the beginning:
  19. Is there such program? I need to dispute a guy.
  20. did they also give boaty a as an apology smh changing a thing that was in game for 10 years because some boi cannot set stream delay EDIT: changed the OP to see if the idea is salvagable
  21. it will be polled, and i hope to god some people will bomb it down
  22. usually those gmaulers have 94 magic, but I wanted to test something smaller first range is pointless since the idea of the acc is you rush someone with ice blitz or other spell and slap him with gmaul with quickness
  23. 75attack 85 strength 77 hitpoints 94 magic 1 defence/prayer/range desert treasure done point is to ice barrage people in revenant caves and slap them with dds spec suggestions on what to change welcome
  24. You can exploit the market analphabetism of people using PA and make much bigger margins if you are trusted there. Notice it may be harder to optimise tax since you are selling for USD not GP.
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