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Dispute Loudpacks


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Disputed member: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/174653-loudpacks/?tab=activity

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Explanation: Bought Zulrah Custom Plugin for Runelite,which a) wasnt working didnt display Melee phase at all, and broke after 1 rotation b) He prob. missunderstood me and didnt include a Autoprayer which I wanted.   ---  So I asked him for a refund but he gave me 2 options half refund or let him fix it and add autoprayer (c.f. Evidence 1).  He then told me he is busy till weekend due to graditation (which is totally fine) and he pushed a update later. The update included a Autoprayer which worked only for Ranged/Mage form and did work off of Zulrah Cords(I suppose) = means it does not support Jad Phase and all projectiles in Mage form, furthermore Meele was still not fixed and the 1 Rotation bug wasnt either. For the rotation bug i just got the helpful comment that I should leave the fight?(c.f. Evidence 2). That was his last comment last wed. day  and he didnt reply to one of my messages since then , I gave him enough time ,asked gently. Some may think that he has no time due to reallife, but he is often online playing League or OSRS via Runelite and you can see it in his Discord cos he has game integrity on (didnt make a screenshot, and wasnt stalking so I dont have exact times) but it just shows me that he is clearly ignoring- He is also online at the time of writing it.



If you need any further Proof, (pp recp.) or something lmk . But i doubt that he will say that I didnt pay him or anything similiar :P. Have a good day.

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Hello , good evening @Night. link removed <-- prob. shouldnt be publically available ,delete after reading  for proof.


Should be enough, as said I think he got confused. But he did,in the evidence that I did provide say that he will add Autoprayer.


Furthermore even the base script itself isnt working o.O. 

Thanks for letting him know and approving the dispute. Wish you a good day.

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