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It's a gamble either way.


Buddy of mine got a 2-day ban twice on the same ip and same account in just 1 month time-span. This however has to be a flaw on their end and do not expect the same treatment. Botting in general will always get you banned. I've personally held out over a month on this account so far. (I'm also using home-ip. Got a 2-day ban around 2 years ago)

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2 hours ago, zwaffel said:

Yeh it really depends i have had an account with 3bans spread over 7years.

Than again another account had a ban a year later i botted on it and it instantly got permed.


What I mean is I've had one botting offence but it's expired so maybe it will just be a 2 day if I'm caught?

Did you have a botting offence when you was permed it had it expired?

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