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How to build a big bot farm?

Rune Dragon

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Hey, title pretty much says, i am curious how people able to run 100's of bots constantly. I borrowed a VPN, but it was utter sh1t, couldn't run 6 accounts at 1 time. And it costs relatively alot, how can people profit with their farm? But the main question is what is the meta for big farms? How could i bot on many, many accounts at once?

Thank you.

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You should find a few highly profitable methods and focus on fewer accounts that last longer. It's much easier to manage that way and the profit is definitely better than running 100 oak log bots at 25k/hr. Sure it's 2.5m/hr, but you're using accounts on a saturated method that you need to constantly replace. Good luck making all those emails/aliases and bypassing locks, lmao.

For example, you can easily make the same amount or more across 10 bots at Blast Furnace. Scaling up to 30 or so across a few different low req methods really isn't that hard. That's all you really need for goldfarming.

Not to mention, infesting the game with thousands more bots will only cause more outcries for Jagex to crack down even harder, you need to look at the bigger picture too. Bot smarter not harder.

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