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Disputed Member:[member=username] magy

Why it should be removed finished his accounts, we agreed on it being removed and positive instead if so and they are done. had family issues last week couldn't even get online 

Besides, I lost 82,5m total because 60m + 22,5m from bond + supplies money
And I only got refunded 70m


GreengoLast Friday at 3:36 PM

ok i can do 20m then that seems fair to me?


RasmusLast Friday at 3:37 PM

And what you get in return?


GreengoLast Friday at 3:38 PM

well i had alot of things come up i couldnt even get online i got no idea really if it was due to multiple accounts or me trianing themm 2 at a time and mixed some up i dunno just want you leaving the same was as you came
id like to try again if you want if thats acceptable
yo make the accounts ill ond them
and if i finish them were good?


RasmusLast Friday at 3:39 PM

Finish these 3 accounts?


GreengoLast Friday at 3:39 PM

really sorry man im trying to make trhtings fair had over few people to deal with :/


RasmusLast Friday at 3:40 PM

For free of cost or what?


GreengoLast Friday at 3:40 PM

how bout 10m ea and you leave satisfied?
my bonds supplies etc etc


RasmusLast Friday at 3:41 PM

Idk, 1 acc got banned last time too and you didn't bot it? On that note any of these account can get banned randomly?


GreengoLast Friday at 3:42 PM

thats only happened to me 2 times since i started services
you and someone else and that was a sand crabs i can put on vpn too
ive replaced everything lost of course


RasmusLast Friday at 3:43 PM

How long can you finish them in and how do I know you wont delay it again? I dont have time to wait bro I need alot of accounts asap

Link to topic: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/151175-nmz-accs-from-scratch/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-1838723
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