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Been hacked


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No this is not a blame osbot thread. No I did not click any phishing links. No I know woox is not quitting.

Here's some context:

It's an old account.

Used the same password on it for a very long time

No authentication enabled on it. 

So i log in to find "11 days of membership on it" and i'm like :???:


Find my char dressed up like this

Bank is gone and those fuckers dropped my graceful.




Uh... any community members have tips on how to rebuild and what to do?

here are my stats.


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Just start skilling as best as you can mate, sell the fury and i'll give you money to repair your barrows if you want.

Start some simple stuff like maple longs (u) and such, just some easy afk cash which will get you there slowly but surely.

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