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Been a lurker for 2 years


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37 minutes ago, corey1996 said:

Hi! I’ve been lurking on osbot for 2 years now and I haven’t really posted much just kept myself to myself. I’m ready to start being a part of this community and getting to know people, I’m wondering what year did everyone start playing RS and how did they find out about it? 

Hey, welcome! :)


My younger cousin showed me Runescape back in 2006, I was 9 he was 8. He ended up being my chef and cooking me pies and fish and what not, but I was always more into the combat side. Now all I care about is abusing it to make real money. xD

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Jesus everyone’s a OG hahah, 2006 for me I would of been 10 year old I remember making my first account and spending best part of a week making money for a rune scim and then getting scammed for all my money at fally bank. God I love this game 

What’s everyone’s first memories of this game? (Sorry to double post)

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