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Ultimate AIO Slayer


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For trials please join the discord and request one using the discord bot!



Your fully customizable slayer bot.






  • Restocking Support (GE or Slayer Master)
  • Walking method which uses the fastest routes
  • Customizable equipment and inventory for each task
  • Customizable task areas
  • Customizable cannon positions
  • Customizable looting
  • Customizable alching
  • Customizable combat methods, magic, range, melee all supported
  • Customizable prayer by each task
  • Script default inventory and equipment available
  • Safe spotting
  • Killing slayer monsters off task
  • Savable and loadable profiles
  • Discord webhooks
  • Discord high-scores!
  • CLI support to load profiles


Supported Slayer Masters

  • Turael
  • Spira
  • Mazchna
  • Vannaka
  • Chaeldar
  • Nieve/Steve
  • Duradel

GUI Instructions

  • Welcome Tab:
    • Slayer Master: The slayer master you wish to pick to get tasks from
  • General Settings:
    • Kill off task checkbox: if you wish to just kill one monster repeatedly. This moster will be the monster selected in the combo box below
    • Is Ironman: If you're an ironman
    • Bury Bones: If you wish to bury bones
    • Fight Superiors: If you wish to fight superiors
    • GE Restocking: If you wish to restock items at the GE
    • Master Restocking: If you wish to restock items at slayer masters
    • Task Skipping: Click the button and in the frame check off tasks you wish to skip
    • Task Locations: Click the button and create areas for custom tasks. Each task has a default area so this is only used if you want to do the task somewhere else.
    • Cannon Settings: Click the button and create positions to place the cannon. These positions are required if you enable the cannon
    • Safe Spotting: Click the button and create positions to safe spot. These positions are required if you enable safe spotting
  • Loadout Settings:
    • Set Equipment & Inventory Button: Click this button to set the current loadout and inventory for the monster in the displayed combo box
    • Set Current Loadout for All: Click this button to set the current loadout and inventory for all monsters
    • Set Current Loadout for Dragons: Click this button to set the current loadout and inventory for all dragon tasks
    • Review Equipment: A window to show what equipment is in each task
    • Combat & Prayer Settings: Open this and select the following:
      • Combat method: The combat method you want to use - Melee, Range, Magic
      • Prayer method: The protection prayer you want to use on the task (if any). Must be selected to enable prayer on the task
      • Combat spell (if intending to use magic) you wish to use on the task. 
    • Use script default equipment: Checking this box will have the bot automatically take a default equipment. This equipment is basic.
  • Looting Settings:
    • Enable Alching: If you wish to alch items.
    • Loot bones: If you wish to loot bones
    • Loot Ensouled Heads: If you wish to loot ensouled heads
    • Loot Threshold: If you wish to ignore items below a certain GP value
    • Add item to Loot/Alch table: This is used to add specific items to the loot/alch list. To add an item, type the name of the item in the box and click the add button
  • Webooks:
    • Enable Discord Webhooks: If you wish to use webhooks for notifications on loot
    • Webhook URL: the discord webhook URL
    • Discord UID: The discord UID for the webhook to @ mention
  • Settings Profile Name: Type in this box to save/load profiles of the specific name. You can save multiple profiles.


Additional Notes

When setting up gear and inventory, ensure that you have the proper items for the task in your loadout (e.g. light sources, shantay pass, slayer equipment, etc.)




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  • Token changed the title to Ultimate AIO Slayer
31 minutes ago, Juggles said:

Hey man sorry to here that. Do you know what your current task is? If it's Harpie Bugs, I just fixed it in version 1.03 :)


12 Hour trial. Fixed some bugs in version 1.03

It's all the low tasks like rats, goblins, and cows. I was using this script with the low level slayer guy in burthrope if that helps.



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