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Ultimate AIO Slayer


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Created by @Juggles && @Malcolm

Want to purchase? Click here!

For trials please join the discord and request one using our discord bot!






This script is 100% automated. It will restock on any supplies needed, grab new tasks, bank and kill!


Current Features in script: 

  • Grabbing new task once finished.
  • Using Enchanted gem to recognize task.
  • Bank support when out of food and before next task.
  • Grabbing correct equipment for next task.
  • Restocking Support. (GE or Slayer Master)
  • Food support and potion support.
  • Walking method which uses the fastest routes, specific killing methods for each slayer task(Example: Using Salt on Slugs or Mirror shield for Cockatrice).
  • Customizable looting
  • Alching
  • Killing slayer monsters off task
  • Email Notifications
  • Dynamic signature and high-scores!


Current Supported Slayer Masters

  • Turael
  • Vannaka
  • Nieve/Steve
  • Duradel



1.) What do I need to start the script? 

  • 1 Varrock teleport tab and that is it. The script will buy everything else and resupply.

2.) Can I use a Slayer helm on special tasks such as RockSlugs? 

  • Yes just tick the checkbox to use a Slayer Helm and it will override the required items for that task

3.) How should I start the script?

  • Have the gear you want to use equipped.

4.) What is the recommended way to start the script?

  • The best way to start the script is with an enchanted gem in your inventory. It will recognize your current task. If no task is assigned, it will travel to the selected slayer master. If using Turael, start with a Games Necklace in inventory for fastest travel. If using Vannaka, start with a Glory in inventory for fastest travel.

5.) When does it bank?

  • It will bank at the start of the script unless you check the box to not bank on start. After each task, it will rebank.

6.) How do I report bugs?

  • You can post below or join the discord for fastest communication. If you run into any issues, let Malcolm or Juggles know :)

7.) What does "Check bank for list of items" checkbox do?

  • This is a tool to use solely to check the items in your bank. This will just show you what items you are missing in your bank. Once you do this, you can restart the script with it checked. This must not be checked to run the script. It is solely a tool. 

8.) Should I have "Tick to Enable Restocking" on? 

  • This should be ticked for 99% of users. You want the script to go and buy you supplies when you are out.  If unchecked and you are missing an item, it will stop the script. 


Updates In The Near Future:

  • Skipping Tasks
  • Dynamic Combat support (Do melee on some tasks and range/magic on other tasks depending on selection)


Default Item List - Customize if you prefer:


Uncut dragonstone, Uncut onyx, Dragon bones, Rune med helm,Rune full helm, Rune platelegs, Rune platebody, Rune chainbody, Rune kiteshield, Rune sq shield, Rune scimitar, Rune dagger, Rune longsword, Rune 2h sword, Dragon scimitar, Dragon dagger, Dragon longsword, Dragon 2h sword, Dragon mace, Mystic gloves, Dragon spear, Mystic hat,Shield left half, Dragon med helm, Dragon plateskirt, Dragon platelegs, Mystic gloves, Draconic visage, Lava battlestaff, Mystic boot, Mystic hat, Crystal key, Rune boots, Abyssal whip, Dark bow, Nature rune, Blood rune, Death rune, Chaos rune, Cosmic rune, Law rune, Soul rune, Rune arrow, Green dragonhide, Blue dragonhide, Ranarr seed, Toadflax seed, Snapdragon seed, Dwarf weed seed, Dragon chainbody, Dragon boots, Granite maul, Grimy ranarr weed, Ranarr weed, Runite bar,Loop half of key,Tooth half of key


Update Log:


Please join our discord to see up to date update logs!





While reporting a bug please include the following information with your bug report.

1.) Version Number

2.) A screenshot of your bot client with the logger included ( Black out any usernames so you don't get banned :doge: )

3.) A quick description of how the bug occurred if you were at your PC when the bug took place.

















High-scores and Dynamic Signature


You can find the high-scores and dynamic signature on our website here!






To donate to the developers:


Edited by Malcolm
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  • Token changed the title to Ultimate AIO Slayer
9 minutes ago, mr soy sauce said:

So far when I play this bot all it does is goes to designated task master and then gets the assignment then goes back to the bank withdraws glory/games necklace and fills the rest of the inventory with food and then eats the food. 


It's not doing any slayer tasks..... Can I get a refund?

Hey man sorry to here that. Do you know what your current task is? If it's Harpie Bugs, I just fixed it in version 1.03 :)

9 hours ago, symbol said:

Very nice. Been waiting for a decent slayer script ages since Ares slayer went down.

Are trials available for this?


12 hours ago, msf420 said:

may i have a trial???

12 Hour trial. Fixed some bugs in version 1.03

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31 minutes ago, Juggles said:

Hey man sorry to here that. Do you know what your current task is? If it's Harpie Bugs, I just fixed it in version 1.03 :)


12 Hour trial. Fixed some bugs in version 1.03

It's all the low tasks like rats, goblins, and cows. I was using this script with the low level slayer guy in burthrope if that helps.



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5 minutes ago, mr soy sauce said:

It's all the low tasks like rats, goblins, and cows. I was using this script with the low level slayer guy in burthrope if that helps.



I've tested that master for over 15 hours and ran flawlessly on those tasks. 

I just tested that master today and was working good. 

You are not checking "Kill off task" correct?

Which task specifically did it grab and just sit at bank? Did logger show anything? 

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