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How safe is my account?


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11 minutes ago, bankerkrak said:

Ah okay, I doubt there is a bot for the service I'm ordering, but the provider isn't trusted at all.

Will it look suspicious that a different IP is suddenly active on the account?

Thanks for the info :) 


Jagex has allowed account sharing IF the account isn't used for anything malicious. 

What kind of service are you asking for?

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6 hours ago, Proofi said:

you do realize the pet could take forever to get right? Weird service but good luck.

What sort of payment are you doing? Per hour? How will you know when service person gets the pet?

I’ve had both kinds of offers. Payment per hour and a fixed price. I know it might take a while, but that chanche is as high as getting it within a couple of hours. 

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