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  1. if i do ill get banned but you knew that already so nt plus the thread the guy above linked has one guy posting one gif every other post so there you have it
  2. what a shitfest zoo thread lol everyone screaming at eachother


    yeah totally agree... its like watching 2 bots fight... super exciting lmfao i thought people pk because it was fun i mean i hate questing and shit but i do it so i can pk in the end because its fun? whats the point if i am doing all the hard work then only for some program to pk while i watch.. instead of me playing lol sounds pretty stupid to me but then again i bet there are people who do this for a living lmfao so they probably need to gold really badly in any case its pretty fucking stupid if you ask me because you could just get a real job instead and make 100x the money and buy gold anyways it doesnt surprise me how low people will go in any given scenario
  4. the risks are around 50% its either ban or no ban... i reached out to the worlds top mathematicians and they all agree... its around 50% risk

    Give away

    what kind of service? thai massage... ? with happy ending? if its not that then not worth it tbh
  6. reported for spam recent visitor maldesto... cya acc

    any bans

    was it magic script or rc script? lool
  8. 50% either banned or not.. mathematically proven
  9. do you think im going to file a tax report on money i find on the street too? fuck that i pay enough as it is...
  10. idk dude i dont live in 3rd world country i use cars and buses not mules and horses for transport lol get with the times plus this a botting forum not a transport consulting forum
  11. -rep keylogger lost my RAM and also double -rep because no husky you really lost your way.... smh my head
  12. ipad is so stupid its as big as a laptop and cant do half the things a laptop can..
  13. why the fuck would you post a bird eye view of your toilet also looks like u havent flushed in 2 years
  14. booster seat lmfao also wtf place looks like the inside of a scraps container... just one big mess anyways i know id also have a bottle of jd by my side at all times if that was my place
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