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World hopping not working


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Hey guys,

I'm writing a bot that buys out a shop and banks the inventory when full. When the inventory is not full and the shop is empty I want the bot to hop worlds, however it's not working as it should (I think). 

I've tried the following options:


However whenever it's supposed to execute this code, all three just open the worlds interface and stops there.
I'm using OSBot stealth mode, tried adding a conditional sleep, tried singling out this code to see if it was because other code was interfering but none of these worked.

It's the exact same issue as this guy had, but his solution doesn't work for me:

Worth noting maybe is that I have a GUI that starts at the beginning of the script (and I didn't comment this code out for a test) to ask which item I would like to buy, but it doesn't repeat in the onLoop() so once you chose an item, it could not possibly interfere with other code.


Thanks for your input! 

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