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Private Script Giveaway!


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Just now, Malcolm said:

Christmas is right around the corner!

I have been blessed to have been welcomed into such a warm community.

For such a warm welcome and a bit of a celebration of my recent Scripter status, I would like to give back to you guys by giving away a simple private script to one lucky winner! 

To enter, just comment below! Say anything you'd like. 

I will enter everyone into an IDE with their own number and I will roll a random number based on how many people are entered in the giveaway. 


If you are the lucky winner of this giveaway we will have to reach an agreement to the script you'd like me to write. I will offer you 3 months of maintenance on this script. The script will be your choice, but again, agreed upon.


The roll takes place Christmas Day at 2pm PST!

<3<3<3 Happy XMAS And God Bless <3 

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8 minutes ago, OSRS Butlers said:

<3<3<3 Happy XMAS And God Bless <3 


7 minutes ago, LeBron said:

Kevin Durant leaves GSW and joins the Lakers next summer, they go on to win the NBA. 


5 minutes ago, Keyster99 said:

I need my script to leave the friendzone :kappa:



Just now, 40z Bounce said:

pls help with my gold farm dreams :)

You guys are all entered anyways but I have also added the rule to like the post because I forgot to say that!

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