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Left America to start a bot farm.

Blue BowTie

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Hello everyone!

I recently moved from the u.s to an impoverished country in the hopes of starting another successful bot farm! Felt like I should stop by and say hi :)


It's been over 2 years since the last farm I ran when gp was at $3.20usd ea mill so im hoping there are more cost efficient methods out, any tips would be appreciated!


Also links to VPS seller threads and questers would be much appreciated!


Also how is the injection and mirror clients running now adays?


Also the Zulrah scripts out are they any good? banrate wise etc etc.

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Haha I did not expect these replies so quickly xdd, I moved not only for the farm I wanted to get out of the states for a year or two , but any wayyy any links to vps , ip sellers would be appreciated :D


Im honestly doing this to see how far I can push it, Im set on money from my last job for the next 2 years easily <3


LEts have some fun :)

4 minutes ago, Juggles said:

You could just live on the streets and use a local library to run your farm 

Haha , but where I am now is 5 minutes to the beach and gorgeous women everywhere ? and i have a place to take them besides the papa johns dumpster xD

2 minutes ago, Slicer said:

Selling farm lessons 200$ per lesson.

I've ran a substantial farm in the past , however when the train came to a stop it deterred me from starting again until recently.

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