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PayPal vs Skrill

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Personally I've always remained faithful to PayPal. Not to say I haven't tried other payment services but I've found that PayPal is simple enough to use and it has embedded itself to be my default payment method. 
Whenever the dreaded situation arises: there is no PayPal payment option I start sweating. Those moments I vividly recall this being the case the prominent options were those such as Skrill, G2A1 PaySafeCard and recently crypto.

I've only used Skrill once or twice. In fact, I was forced to turn to Skrill due to my PayPal being maxed out along with my cards. Although I cannot properly give an overall judgement of Skrill as a payment service my opinion of it is positive nonetheless simply because of that instance.

A quick rundown of PayPal as a payment method

  • Chargeback fees
  • Contacting customer service can be a challenging endeavor
  • Seller protection does not extend to digital goods2
  • Overall a good payment platform, essentially an online bank

I myself haven't really had any significant issues though, no chargebacks, customer service decent I suppose(they contacted me no later than any other customer service would).
PayPal has a 4-5% +X fee compared to Skrill's 3% +X
I've read someplace that PayPal will freeze your funds if you are caught online gambling3 and you need a license or notify PayPal of this in advance whereas Skrill doesn't care.
From my experience in payment portals PayPal is almost always listed as an option, where Skrill is not equally as common.

In your case, or in the case of your customer rather, it can be the result of recent policy changes on either of the services. In the form of changed fees, rates or other similar aspects of the service which enticed them to switch over. The location where they are based could also play a roll as each service has different adjustments to their service.
If it's not an issue you could ask the individual(s) why they've made the transition to Skrill from PayPal.

1. I personally highly discourage and will always advise against using G2A since it's by far the most troublesome service and IIRC reading on multiple occasions troublesome facts about them. Mainly on HLTV and reddit.
2. This is to my knowledge from the last time I read their terms of service. Check this is still accurate as they could have changed it sometime after.
3. I'm not 100% sure on this, best if you check this for yourself.

Hope this helps

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35 minutes ago, Slicer said:

I use skrill very regularly , it's pretty great , its fast and instant and i have the skrill debit card which you can use at any ATM that takes mastercard for a relatively low fee. fee's go down when you enter the VIP status bronze-  silver - gold etc.

ur sig has 3 red aces. triggering me.

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3 hours ago, GPSwap said:

Havent used skrill in a few years wasn't bad when i used it, was like £2.50 fee to withdraw up too $250 from a cash machine with its card, but was like £0.50-1 fee per transaction to use it in shops, never withdrew to bank account though

Thats really much, I hate paying fees.

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