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Idle avoider

Loo Looon

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7 hours ago, Juggles said:

Jagex has a 6 hour limit put into place. Why not just have a script idle AFK with minimal movements and then every 6 hours after kicked it will relog? No need to be on 24 hours straight 

very true cuz it realy isnt suspicious to be logged in 24hours str8. ?

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I have something just move the mouse on or off the screen every 0-3 minutes. 

import org.osbot.rs07.script.Script;
import org.osbot.rs07.script.ScriptManifest;

@ScriptManifest(author = "apa", info = "Afks", logo = "", name = "AFK", version = 1.0)
public class Main extends Script {
	public void onStart(){
	public int waitTime(int min, int max) {
		return (int)(Math.random() * (max - min)) + min;
	public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException {
		if (mouse.isOnScreen()) {
		} else {
			mouse.move((int)(100 + (Math.random() * 660)), (int)(100 + (Math.random() * 400)));
		return waitTime(1000, 240000); //1 sec to 4 mins.



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