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Client freezes when upon selecting a script


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Client freezes when upon selecting a script and starting it, the script im selecting is a private one and a pretty basic one, used to be just fine few weeks ago. Is that a client problem? Seems to be just fine with the other scripts.

Also the script selector stays open too and frozen, and my script gui is black frozen box too.


 Anyone who can fix this will b e rewarded PM me

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I have the same problem, but have found a work around. Heres what I've experienced:


-Private script

-Added a new bot (selected an account), while the game was loading I ran my private script

-When I click run, the UI freezes, but the bot keeps running

-Login solver starts

-Login solver fails to login because a member world was selected

-Bust. Can't do anything now because all the UI's are frozen.



-Start the bot, load the game

-Select F2P world

-Start the script


In my instance, the script takes a while to "load" (as in the UI to start the script doesn't go away for a few seconds), but the script does run.


As a side note, I've attempted to run the same script twice within two bots in the same OSBot instance and there seemed to be major problems. When I run one bot, its fine. When I start a second both bots stop running the script as they should :/ ? Not a big issue for me, just wanted to give you a heads up.

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I have experienced this when testing my local scripts.

Didn't happen in the past, now when the auto-solvers for login and welcome are processing, the UI is completely unresponsive including the script selection window.
Once login succeeds script selection closes and script starts.
If login fails, the UI is stuck and cannot be interacted with.

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