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Has RS mobile changed your life at all?


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6 minutes ago, Alek said:

Doubt ill use it, probably kills battery and makes phone hot. Im also anti-phone kinda guy.

Well I got invited to the RS3 beta for iPhones and its pretty optimized if you ask me, there are a lot of other games that drain the battery way way faster and I doubt osrs version will outdo the RS3 version when it comes to that. I guess I'll find out in about two weeks.

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20 minutes ago, Alek said:

Is this a higher-end phone? I cant imagine a graphics intense game like RS3 could run on any reasonable detail on a mediocre phone. If so that would be pretty darn neato.

It was with my iPhone 7+, I mean I could play on highest settings they offered on mobile at that time without any issues at all and it was well optimized when it comes to the battery drain. I don't really know how it is right now as it was more than 6 months ago I tested it. I really wanted to test the osrs version as well but never got invited to the ios beta.

Atm I got an iPhone XS Max, lets see how it turns out when they release osrs + rs3 later this year. :)

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When I got a new phone just over a month ago and got the Samsung Galaxy S9+. Decided to get the bigger screen to read building plans off google drive for work, and for RS Mobile. I played rs mobile everywhere for about a week then just stopped all together since all I used it for was fishing on my lunch breaks and stuff, and it was hard to control, like accidentally moving all the time.

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