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Accounts not using mirror lasting 1-2 days tops.

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I am convinced injection mode is detectable. Other than having similar experiences to yours, I did some research and the OS Buddy client is confirmed to communicate to Jagex that it is an OS Buddy client. I haven't done much research on Runelite, but I would imagine the developers played ball with Jagex and did the same. By that logic, it is not a super far reach that Jagex can easily identify an unidentified third party client is a botting client. 

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6 minutes ago, myOSBaccount said:

are these new accounts you're talking, botting them right off tut island? what are you botting? is it a free script? paid? private?

Paid, hand done tuts let the shit rest for a damn month.

Guess its mirror mode only from now on.

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The single most important factor in avoiding bans is to keep your total time online low/reasonable. If you bot for 4-5 hours but then also play legit for 12 hours that's going to trigger a manual review. Manual reviews are the death blow to any account that has used any bots EVER because at that point the entire history of your account is being looked at by a human being. Even if you vary your tasks every hour, a single hour of botting is enough for someone on the anti-cheat team to conclude if you were botting. Surviving a manual review as a botter is a reflection of the specific mod's incompetency (mistakes are human), not your botting prowess. 

In regards to how the anti-cheat team operates, based on my experience with tech companies owned by financial sponsors, the mandate is always to increase topline and cut costs. Logically, their #1 mandate would be to keep gold-farmers in check. This is why botting runecrafting is account suicide. Logging anything higher than ~1H of runecrafting will trigger a manual review. Same thing with Zulrah. I believe the recent crack-down on the NMZ bots was specifically due to Zulrah being the most efficient gold-farming mechanic in the game right now and accounts being farmed EN MASS. Remember, things move slow in a bureaucracy like Jagex, and the anti-cheat team will not randomly undertake a crackdown like this unless its been specifically mandated. Thus, even though Zulrah botting has been around for a while (through private scripts) it is not unreasonable to think the mandate was only issued recently. Lastly, I am convinced that the anti-cheat team is given very specific guidelines to follow when determining whether an account has been botted on. This would explain why private scripts that use obscure gold-farming methods have a very very low banrate. Lastly, it is also my belief that Jagex sets a RWT elimination quota. So if you're account has a lot of wealth on it, that is a double incentive for more manual reviews to be done on it.

Hope this helps

The following is a recipe that has resulted in 0 bans for me so far:


-Mirror mode

-Total time online under 10H/day

-Avoiding ban hotspots (profit fishing, profit smithing, runecrafting, zulrah)

-Varying tasks (irrelevant for old accounts, VERY relevant for new accounts)

-Always keeping total wealth under 50M on botted accounts

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