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banned legit questing?

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Hey guys, made a fresh account a couple nights ago and just traded materials to it to do Dorics Quest, Cooks Assistant, and Goblin Diplomacy. Upon finishing Goblin Diplomacy and teleporting to lumby my account logged out and then was banned. Is this normal? This account never botted and literally only walked over and completed the quests. 


I'm wondering if I can do anything from this point, yes it looks fishy that a new account got materials to perfectly complete the quests to unlock trading, but it never botted and received a permanent macroing major ban. Doesn't make much sense to me. 

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5 minutes ago, totedem said:

steam make sure you xfer your goodies to an acc u have no botted on the same ip.....they will ban the other acc if your not using proxies

Appreciate the heads up bro, thats what I am currently doing. Im not using VPN or proxies atm just running 2-4 accounts and xfering to a mule at the end of the day. I made this new account today cuz one got banned yesterday due to a bad WC script. Didnt expect this legit brand new account to get a macroing ban for nothing.

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