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So a few days ago i got 70 atk, str and def. Currently im splashing till 75 mage and gonna finish 75 range as well. After that what bosses am i able to do? Should i continue to quest the account. or should i just sell it? (want to sell it anyways trying to get the most gold out of it) any suggestions on what to do before sale to increase its value. any imput is appreciated thanks <3

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You wont get bosses really at this level.

You can do things like barrows, but realistically PVMing properly wont come until the more end game levels or at least 85+ each. You could try doing giant mole though (DH method) but that may be quite time consuming.

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2 hours ago, daamurda said:

only thing i have left is the questline and agility. Should i get 75 def along with 75 mage and range or higher mage/range

75def won't matter quite as much. higher mage (80+) as well as god cape and ava's will make it more appealing as a zulrah account. if you intend on making more zulrah accounts then also you can skip 70 attack and 70 strength as those really don't matter for zulrah.

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