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  1. similar to this? public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException { if(!genArea.contains(myPlayer())) { state = "Walking there"; walkThere(); }else if(inventory.isFull()) { state = "Banking"; bank(); }else if(inventory.isEmptyExcept(995) && !buy.contains(myPosition())) { state ="Running to shop"; runToShop(); }else if(buy.contains(myPosition()) && !inventory.isFull() && !getStore().isOpen()) { state = "Trading"; trade(); }else if(buy.contains(myPosition()) && !inventory.isFull() && getStore().isOpen() && getStore().contains("item name")) { state= "Buying"; buy(); bought = true; }else if(buy.contains(myPosition()) && store.isOpen() && getStore().isOpen() && bought && !hop) { state = "Closing Store"; closeStore(); hop = true; }else if(hop && bought) { hopWorlds(); hop = false; bought = false; } edit:doing getStore().contains("item name") broke it is there an instock method edit2:fixed previous edit and for anyone looking the method is getAmount("item name")
  2. as in change this method so that it only handles opening the shop and then another method to buy and another to close?
  3. I'm really hoping this isn't a complete noob but what do you mean by onloop
  4. I would really rather not post the code as this is the method i'm currently running but the script i made breaks working I put it into low cpu mode. It isnt something that needs a high frame rate to run but it really just will continuously hop worlds when on low cpu (its a shop buyer) it tries to open the shop but then it just hops worlds. are there any known issues with low cpu mode with known or unknown fixes? Edit:here is the code of the buy method i made NPC buyGuy = npcs.closest(here is the npc); if(buyGuy != null && buyGuy.exists()) { buyGuy.interact("Trade"); Sleep.sleepUntil(() -> store.isOpen(), 20000); //after rerererereading the code i have a feeling it is something to do with me do store.isOpen() here any ideas on what it should be try { sleep(random(100, 590)); sleep(random(132, 459)); getStore().buy("item", 10); sleep(random(9, 898)); getStore().close(); Sleep.sleepUntil(() -> getStore().close(), 4000); sleep(random(1000,2345)); if(!inventory.isFull()) getWorlds().hop(nextWorldInOrder(true)); sleep(random(100, 1523));
  5. I looked at the api and could not find a way to use the games necklace if anyone has any recommendations id appreciate it
  6. Go ask the scripter to fix it
  7. how much would an account that has 60att 50str 50 def and 32 qp go for?
  8. Must have Regicide quest line, Ava's, god cape 1, and 85 range 85 mage with 70+ defense Add me on discord Zor#7840
  9. Hanul or slicer maybe, both are super active on chatbox idk about forums though
  10. tbh anything with "this" in it was a copy and paste i did a lot of copy and paste for this and then fixing it but ill remove it to help out the community i dont really see how it hurts it though Edit:Removed this as much as i could
  11. Zzz Woodcutter Status:Working Download: V1.1 Code:Github Simple working script to chop logs from 1-15 then Oak logs until ban 1-15 logs 15-ban oak logs Start with 7 questpoints Deposits oak logs at port sarim Muling support at set amount of logs Desktop notifications when it is ready to mule Very informative paint Muling at Draynor bank Future features? Known bugs can only use bronze axe Guidelines: Start anywhere, Equip axe (not mandatory but helpful, has to at least be in inventory) Expect a ban Can be started at whatever Woodcutting level Notes: I would like to thank @Rays for helping me by showing me snippets to help with this and for the idea I created this script in 24 hours if there are any bugs please report them
  12. its a good idea i just dont wanna spend 5m and a ton of time and get nothing in return i dont mind the time put in but i dont really wanna spent gp
  13. I’ll consider it would you be willing to provide a test account?
  14. Anyone have a script request? Trying to improve my coding knowledge atm lets try to keep them fairly simple and f2p unless someone wants to provide me with an account to make it with on p2p. Request outline: Idea: Requirements: moneymaking or skilling: anything else important:
  15. Zor

    Stealth Quester

    Does grand tree support pies for the +5 agility?
  16. Zor

    plz no

    With that^ im leaving for 3 weeks
  17. show proof and price in comment dont just have add me on skype edit:or any account with avas
  18. pm me on chatbox or discord:Zortheon#7840 being extremely picky about this so might be turning down a lot of offers
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