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I got hacked

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hello osbot .. 


i am just wondering if there was a leak in the database or something ?


because i have made a new account like 1-2 months ago on osbot client and have been botting in on it since then ( neverbanned or something like that )


but now i logg back in i am cleaned some stuff is still there but the wealthyest ones are gone .. like 20-25m or something ...


then maby i transfered it into my other accounts but no i did not now i cant check the ip adress of last logged in the screen you see at beginning cuz i already logged in is there a way to find out ?


cus the 20-25 means nothing to me i got plenty of wealth spread over my other accounts but just the idea.. and note no1 knows my log in details not even my username and log in details 


i am clutched what to do here...

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